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PPE (Purple People Eater)
farmed by: ··Who Dah?··ExoticFrags··
2 Polyps··$80.00
3 Polyps··$120.00
6 Polyps··$225.00
sizes available: ··3 Polyps··2 Polyps··6 Polyps··

PPE (Purple People Eater): Quite possibly the most sought after Zoanthid/Paly out there! These have popped up again from time to time from various VERY lucky collectors. Still fairly rare and definitely an all time favorite. Did the PPE start the 'naming craze'? Could be...

Other common names include PPE (Purple People Eater), PPE (Purple People Eater)s, PPE (Purple People Eater) Zoa, PPE (Purple People Eater) Zoanthid, PPE (Purple People Eater) Paly, PPE (Purple People Eater) Palys (although it is believed to be a Paly).

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