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Spiderman Zoa
farmed by: ··Who Dah?··ExoticFrags··
1 Polyp··$30.00
4 Polyps··$70.00
sizes available: ··1 Polyp··4 Polyps··

Spiderman Zoa: Sticky webs shoot out of these guys. That's where the name comes from. OK ok, it's the coloration. Similar in coloration to the Superman Paly, but these are more intense, and are Zoanthids vs. Palys. A great alternative or second complimentary morph. 

Other common names include Spiderman Zoa, Spiderman Zoas, Spiderman Zoa Zoa, Spiderman Zoa Zoanthid, Spiderman Zoa Paly, Spiderman Zoa Palys (although it is believed to be a Zoanthid).

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