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This is one of Tubs all time favorite pieces simply because not only its beauty but also its uniqueness. (Thank you RobZ for allowing us to use your photo!) First off you will not find too many SPS with pink polyps and secondly the solid shade of green is not your typical acro green. It becomes very vibrant at it's best and couple with pink polyps makes it special. As a topper it has a purple base on the growth edges !!. The original colony was lost, but two very large colonies were grown from a frags by Hugo Zuniga.  These two colonies were lost during the summer of 2006 due to a tank crash.  This coral has been very difficult to find as a result.  FWIW, this was a originally a salvage frag that I got from Steve Tyree and turned out to be a beauty.

 (Due to the very limited availability, priority will be given to those placing larger orders with ExoticFrags.)

The frags we received from Karl are pieces from the base of the coral.  Being that this coral encrusts before growing branches, half the work is already done. :)


Farmed by: ··Who Dah?··

Available Options:


Small $120.00
Medium $140.00
Small Encruster $150.00
Large $180.00
XL $200.00

Tyree LE:
Yes $120.00

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