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Colorado Sunburst Anemone (CSB)
Colorado Sunburst Anemone (CSB)

We frequently get asked the lineage of our Colorado Sunburst Anemone. The original came from a Colorado aquarist, who supplied Cherry Corals. A friend and former Bay Area reefer (Rich) had his shipped from Cherry Corals. Keep in mind, this was circa 2014. This clone has been in captivity for 6+ years in California alone, not to mention the time it spent growing up in Colorado!!! When Rich got out of the hobby, one of the clones made it our way at Exotic Frags. Not knowing about the notion of keeping anemones separate (i.e. keep your CSB in one tank and Black Widows in another), we mixed the CSB with the Nuocmam Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone. They've done fine together now since late 2017 in the same tank, separated only by media baskets, literally 4 inches away from one another. Through feedings, splits, and tank swings, the CSBs and Nuocmams have gotten along together for several years now. In fact, I keep them in the same media basket in one of our secondary tanks. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Ours are grown under T5 lighting (an ATI Powermodule 10-bulb fixture with the ATI bulb lineup of (4) x Blue Plus, (4) x Coral Plus, and (2) x True Actinic 03 bulbs serving up around 130 PAR) and exhibit more of the dark-orange colors of the CSB. When the CSB first came in, it was grown under Maxspect Razor LEDs and more on the light-orange side. Eventually, we hope to grow them under LEDs as well.

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